Decking, boardwalks and bridges

Strong, slip-resistant and waterproof

We’re specialists in helping our clients create beautiful, long-lasting decking, boardwalks, bridges, jetties and piers from recycled plastic. Our product’s non-slip, waterproof and low maintenance nature is ideal for even submerged structures – and because it’s chemical-free, it won’t harm the environment.

We offer a flexible end-to-end service, where we can either plan, design, build and install your bespoke structure – or we can supply you with pre-assembled easy-link parts or planks, so you can build your own simply and cost-effectively.

decking, boardwalks and bridges

Recycled plastics for decking, boardwalks and bridges are:

  • Robust yet lightweight
  • Completely waterproof – even when submerged in sea water
  • Slip-resistant
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy to work with
  • Rot-free and splinter-free
  • Chemical-free and eco-friendly
  • Available as a end-to-end service, or as ready-to-install kits