Outdoor furniture

Great looking and maintenance-free
for all seasons

Our smart, practical recycled plastic outdoor furniture is not just low maintenance (you’ll never have to paint it or treat it) – it can withstand all kinds of weather too, from rain and snow, to sunlight and UV radiation.

So it can be out in the park, garden or street all year round: no rotting, no peeling or cracking – and it’s vandal-proof too. So make a cost-effective investment in our great-looking benches, tables, planters and bins in every style – from traditional to contemporary urban.

outdoor furniture

Recycled plastics for outdoor furniture are:

  • Rain, hail, frost, snow and UV-proof
  • Low maintenance, with no painting or treating
  • Rot-free and vandal resistant
  • Smart, elegant and available in a range of styles
  • Guaranteed for 20 years
  • Chemical-free and eco-friendly