Meet our Robust,
Weather Resistant
Recycled Plastic

Our Recycled Plastic Is:

  • Strong, durable

    Strong durable

    Our product is available in many forms, and ideal for both day-to-day use and heavy-duty industry. Weather can’t harm it, and it’s resistant to moisture, oils, brines, acids and salt water.

  • Safe & eco-friendly

    Safe & eco-friendl y

    It's recycled, so good for our planet - but it's toxin-free too, so no chemicals will leak into the environment. Plus it's splinter-free, so safe enough for kids' playgrounds.

  • Totally maintenance-free


    It's weatherproof, chemical-resistant and doesn't rot, rust or corrode - so no need to treat it or paint it (and it'll withstand all seasons too).

  • Easy to work with

    Easy to work with

    You don't need to use special tools, or have previous experience to work with our recycled plastic. Plus, it's more lightweight and transportable than concrete. Here are some tips on how to work with it - and don't forget, we'll give you help and support all the way.

  • Versatile


    Its uses and applications are virtually unlimited. From patios, planters, palisades and playgrounds, to furniture, flooring and fencing - from horticulture, agriculture and landscaping, to the utility sector, and urban and industrial construction - we offer it in pre-formed kits, or as a bespoke solution.

  • Economical


    Our recycled plastic is unbeatable when you compare price with performance. It lasts longer without needing maintenance or replacing, and has an exceptional price-quality ratio.

  • Guaranteed for 20 years

    Guaranteed for 20 years

    That's because, unlike with other materials, we know our recycled plastic will last and last... and last.

About our product

It's not often you come across a material that's just all-round better. But with our range of high-tech recycled plastics, that's exactly what you get.

First and foremost, it's good for the environment, as it creates a much-needed purpose for all that unwanted plastic, and is totally toxin-free.

Want durability and robustness?

Our recycled plastic rivals concrete and steel.

If it's great looks you're after, the product can be moulded into any style (either to fit your needs, or pre-prepared in kit form) - as elegant as wood, or as sleek as steel.

And as an added bonus, it'll stay looking good for years and years.

Unlike wood and steel, it's completely weatherproof, and will last a long time with no need for painting, treatment or maintenance.

Plus it's more lightweight and transportable than concrete.

So over the long run, it's always the most cost-effective option.

Whether you'd like a purpose-built kit, or you have a project in mind you'd like to discuss (big or small) - get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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Need Extra Strength
And Durability?

About our recycled plastic wood products

The beauty of our recycled plastic is that we can adapt it to each use or application.

A kids’ sandbox for example, doesn’t need to be reinforced with steel – but a bench board does.And when a solution needs to be robust and resistant to acids and brines, or needs extra load stability – the formula can be adapted.

For some industrial projects though, you need it to be able to withstand extreme stress and the toughest conditions. That’s why we also offer a specially-developed extra-durable formulation. With superior resistance to bending stress, tensile strength and tensile extension, it combines high quality polyolefins with other additives for outstanding strength

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Our Eco-Friendly Credentials

About our recycled plastic wood products

We want to give everyone access to the most eco-friendly materials available. That’s why we started REVIVE Recycled Plastics. Our product is produced in a sustainable way, entirely without preservatives, and everything about it is designed to reduce the strain on landfill, and protect our planet.

The recycled plastic we supply is non-toxic and safe (as stated in DIN 71, Section 3 Playground Regulation) – and has been accredited with the Blue Angel certification for being water-neutral and non-toxic (according to the Federal Soil Protection Act).

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