We’ve brought all kinds of projects to life

Our experience means we understand recycled plastics like no-one else.

We created Revive Recycled Plastics because we wanted to let everyone else see the many advantages of this product.
Everyone in our team has practical experience in working with it – and here are just a couple of projects we’re most proud of.

  • New Boardwalk

    Here is a REVIVE Recycled Plastic boardwalk we have done for Chesham Council.

    This was done in March 2023.

  • Private Client

    A super boardwalk was completed by our amazing team and this one has had every element we have ever done in a boardwalk from a viewing platform, crossing a pond, passing points, marrying up with a timber framed visitor centre that was being built at the same time so the team’s levels had to be pin point accurate and finally in places it was 1.4m high so the beams used were heavy duty.

    Email from the client: “Mike, Thank you for that. Please thank Richard and Tom (and others that contributed to the work), We are pleased with the outcome as your photo nicely illustrates…”

    This was made from REVIVE Recycled Plastic in August 2021.

  • Bridge for Surrey County Council

    Here we made a bridge for Surrey County Council using REVIVE Recycled Plastic.

    This was in January 2021.

  • Dipping Platform
    Maple Cross, Hertfordshire

    We made a REVIVE Recycled Plastic dipping platform boardwalk in Maple Cross Hertfordshire, where school children can come and visit.

    This work was done with Thames Water and Groundwork South in November 2020.

  • Bridge House Pond

    We were very proud to build a boardwalk at Bridge House Pond in Hounslow. This resulted in a Green Flag award for The London Borough of Hounslow in October 2020.

    As you can see by the images it creates a perfect view of the wildlife and pond there. The boardwalk was made out of REVIVE Recycled Plastics.

  • Boardwalk Walkway

    One of our boardwalks saved the day after flooding took place under a bridge in Surrey in October 2020. This boardwalk used REVIVE Recycled Plastic products.

    Thanks to Chris Smith, Transport Strategy Project Manager for Surrey County Council who sent us these pictures of the boardwalk in action.

  • Margaret's Bridge

    Our sister company, Maydencroft was the main contractor in the building of Margaret’s Bridge in Maidenhead.

    It’s made of recycled plastic, and was officially opened by Theresa May in September 2018.

  • Springwell Lake

    We also helped install a new 150 metre boardwalk made entirely of recycled plastic, at Rickmansworth’s Springwell Lake nature reserve in 2019.