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Catch up with the latest developments in recycled plastics, see some of our recent projects – and stay ahead with new ideas and innovations.

  • Recycled Plastic Knee Rail Fencing Rocks !

    Wednesday 20th October 2021

    Recycled Plastic Knee Rail Fencing Rocks !
    One of the most popular products in all kinds of applications has to be fencing. Traditionally, this involved using treated...

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  • Recycled Plastic - Permanent Reptile Fencing

    Monday 4th October 2021

    Recycled Plastic - Permanent Reptile Fencing
    Working in harmony with nature
    This week we remember how important our reptilian population is to our ecosystem and how Recycled plastic is the perfect...

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  • Palisade Parade

    Tuesday 21st September 2021

    Palisade Parade
    Recycled plastic Palisades
    It’s always useful to have an all-round player when you are selecting different materials for building new and interesting spaces....

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  • Recycled Plastic

    Friday 10th September 2021

    Recycled Plastic
    It's Plain Sailing!
    This weeks no brainer solution made from our 100% Recycled plastic, is our Lut Sandbox. Delivered completely assembled, this instant...

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  • Profiling Recycled Plastic

    Friday 3rd September 2021

    Profiling Recycled Plastic
    A Solid wall of recycled plastic
    The DNA of Recycled plastic is the all-important component that make it so useful to people. This week we...

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  • Piles of plastic

    Sunday 29th August 2021

    Piles of plastic
    Lasting for years to come
    This week we are showcasing a real hero in the world of recycled plastic. They stand out from other products...

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  • Working with Recycled plastic

    Friday 20th August 2021

    Working with Recycled plastic
    This week we are covering a topic that often comes up when we speak to people about working with Recycled...

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  • What's the colour of 100% recycled plastic?

    Friday 13th August 2021

    What's the colour of 100% recycled plastic?
    Get picky with plastic
    Good question, in the early days of the material, it tended to be more traditional browns and greys but these...

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  • Picnicking in Plastic

    Thursday 5th August 2021

    Picnicking in Plastic
    Makes Perfect Sense
    As it’s officially the summer picnic season, we thought it was perfect timing to show one of our popular products...

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  • Wetlands

    Friday 30th July 2021

    Perfect Boardwalks
    Many of our outstanding areas of natural beauty have visitor centres and this week’s project shows a perfect solution that...

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  • Relax It's Recycled Plastic

    Thursday 22nd July 2021

    Relax It's Recycled Plastic
    Sunbathing in Style
    Recycled plastic is evolving into all kinds of lifestyle products and this week we take a look at something that...

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  • Recycled Plastic Boardwalks

    Thursday 15th July 2021

    Recycled Plastic Boardwalks
    Practically Bullet Proof
    This week’s solution was tasked with replacing an existing timber structure and needed to span ground which was often flooded....

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  • Recycled Plastics Evolving Applications

    Friday 9th July 2021

    Recycled Plastics Evolving Applications
    The Garden Warrior Bollard
    It’s true to say that Recycled plastic is being used to make many long-lasting products and this week I am...

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  • Simple, effective outdoor seating

    Thursday 1st July 2021

    Simple, effective outdoor seating
    With no maintenance required
    This week we are celebrating a life changing charity who approached us for an outside seating solution. Whiteleys Retreat provides...

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  • Cover all of your bases

    Wednesday 23rd June 2021

    Cover all of your bases
    Lay the best foundations
    Whatever project you are planning, it’s advisable to use the best materials from the start. With Recycled plastic structures, it...

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  • The Permanent Public Pathway Solution

    Wednesday 16th June 2021

    The Permanent Public Pathway Solution
    Come Hell and High Water
    This week I wanted to remember all of those public footpaths that are in some way connected to water courses....

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  • Recycled Plastic

    Thursday 10th June 2021

    Recycled Plastic
    The Contractors Saviour
    Recycled Plastic - the Contractors Champion

    This week we are concentrating on the great British Contractors but...

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  • Maintenance is a thing of the past

    Wednesday 2nd June 2021

    Maintenance is a thing of the past
    Its plastically perfect!
    Maintenance is a thing of the past
    Its plastically perfect!
    How many times have you tried to reduce your hard...

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  • Build in confidence with Recycled Plastic

    Wednesday 26th May 2021

    Build in confidence with Recycled Plastic
    Great for us, kind to the planet
    While Winter is hanging on here in the UK it’s comforting to know that whatever you build from Recycled Plastic...

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  • Recycled Plastic Boardwalks

    Wednesday 19th May 2021

    Recycled Plastic Boardwalks
    Pathways through nature
    Boardwalks – Pathways through nature
    They can take you across vast areas of wetlands, or span difficult to navigate areas...

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  • Recycled Plastic, mud and water

    Monday 10th May 2021

    Recycled Plastic, mud and water
    Does that sound like fun?
    This week we are thinking of different ways to keep the kids and some of the adults busy this summer....

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  • From Landfill to Lifestyle

    Wednesday 5th May 2021

    From Landfill to Lifestyle
    Let's Heal Our Planet Together
    From Landfill to Lifestyle
    Only 5% of waste plastic actually gets recycled, the remaining portion ends up in Landfill sites...

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  • Planting With Plastic

    Monday 26th April 2021

    Planting With Plastic
    Great fun for years to come
    Planting with Plastic
    After another beautiful weekend in the UK, our gardens are finally starting to wake up and enjoy...

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  • Our Summer is on it's way

    Monday 19th April 2021

    Our Summer is on it's way
    And we all deserve it!
    This weekend was so wonderful it reminded me about getting ready for family gatherings and sorting out the garden furniture.

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  • Chemical Chaos

    Monday 12th April 2021

    Chemical Chaos
    Captain Plastic to the rescue!
    Chemical Chaos
    Captain Plastic to the rescue!
    Although today’s modern life is full of time saving appliances and wonderful technology,...

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  • Recycled Plastic Structures

    Monday 5th April 2021

    Recycled Plastic Structures
    Bridge The Gap In 100% Recycled Plastic
    This week we are showcasing this recent bridge installation for a Local Authority.
    Recycled plastic structures make so much...

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  • World Class Post And Rail Fencing

    Monday 29th March 2021

    World Class Post And Rail Fencing
    Fire and Forget Recycled Plastic Fencing
    I saw with interest that the Association of Fencing Industries recently conducted a survey of its members on finding alternatives...

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  • Plastic Playgrounds

    Friday 4th December 2020

    Plastic Playgrounds
    Oodles of fun and extra safe!
    Plastic Playgrounds Oodles of fun and extra safe!
    Even in Winter, you can’t keep the kids from wanting to get...

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  • Plastic - The New Wood

    Thursday 26th November 2020

    Plastic - The New Wood
    Plastic Protection
    When we started Revive we set out to help reduce the terribly damaging effects of continuing with landfill and pouring...

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  • A Little Winter Wonder

    Thursday 19th November 2020

    A Little Winter Wonder
    Revive Eco-Slabs
    This year has been the most testing for all of us and if like me you crave for a change...

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  • Plastic Working With Nature

    Tuesday 10th November 2020

    Plastic Working With Nature
    Equestrian Plastic - A Clear Winner
    I think the most memorable image from the TV in the last few months has been the stunningly beautiful black...

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  • From Tops To Tables And More

    Friday 23rd October 2020

    From Tops To Tables And More
    Re-thinking, Recycling and Saving The Planet
    From Tops To Tables and More Every year we get rid of enough plastic to circle the world five times....

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  • Revive Recycled Plastic Boardwalks

    Friday 25th September 2020

    Revive Recycled Plastic Boardwalks
    The Power Of Plastic
    This year our summer has been wonderful and we have seen some record temperatures.
    “Who doesn’t enjoy a walk in...

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  • Fences Don't Have to be Frustrating

    Tuesday 15th September 2020

    Fences Don't Have to be Frustrating
    A Fresh Approach to Fencing
    Over the lock-down many of us have been focusing on the outdoors and this has been a wonderful break from...

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  • ECommerce website launch

    Thursday 3rd September 2020

    ECommerce website launch
    100% Recycled Plastic Products
    Welcome to our new eCommerce website launch.
    We very much looking forward to introducing this groundbreaking range of environmentally friendly...

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