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Catch up with the latest developments in recycled plastics, see some of our recent projects – and stay ahead with new ideas and innovations.

  • Plastic Playgrounds

    Friday 4th December 2020

    Plastic Playgrounds
    Oodles of fun and extra safe!
    Plastic Playgrounds Oodles of fun and extra safe!
    Even in Winter, you can’t keep the kids from wanting to get...

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  • Plastic - The New Wood

    Thursday 26th November 2020

    Plastic - The New Wood
    Plastic Protection
    When we started Revive we set out to help reduce the terribly damaging effects of continuing with landfill and pouring...

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  • A Little Winter Wonder

    Thursday 19th November 2020

    A Little Winter Wonder
    Revive Eco-Slabs
    This year has been the most testing for all of us and if like me you crave for a change...

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  • Plastic Working With Nature

    Tuesday 10th November 2020

    Plastic Working With Nature
    Equestrian Plastic - A Clear Winner
    I think the most memorable image from the TV in the last few months has been the stunningly beautiful black...

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  • From Tops To Tables And More

    Friday 23rd October 2020

    From Tops To Tables And More
    Re-thinking, Recycling and Saving The Planet
    From Tops To Tables and More Every year we get rid of enough plastic to circle the world five times....

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  • Revive Recycled Plastic Boardwalks

    Friday 25th September 2020

    Revive Recycled Plastic Boardwalks
    The Power Of Plastic
    This year our summer has been wonderful and we have seen some record temperatures.
    “Who doesn’t enjoy a walk in...

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  • Fences Don't Have to be Frustrating

    Tuesday 15th September 2020

    Fences Don't Have to be Frustrating
    A Fresh Approach to Fencing
    Over the lock-down many of us have been focusing on the outdoors and this has been a wonderful break from...

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  • ECommerce website launch

    Thursday 3rd September 2020

    ECommerce website launch
    100% Recycled Plastic Products
    Welcome to our new eCommerce website launch.
    We very much looking forward to introducing this groundbreaking range of environmentally friendly...

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